Join The Fight! Welcome to the Galactic Battlefield of Quasar

We all know what laser tag is – but how much do you really know about Quasar? Well we’re here to tell you more about the frantic fun that you can jump into today at your local Leisureplex!

Quasar has been around for years, but the game continues to improvise, with more ways then ever to enjoy our laser tag battle game. Perfect for kids and adults alike, Quasar provides a fun, adrenaline-fulled alternative or even supplementary option to bowling.

With games lasting 20 minutes, Quasar is perfect for those looking for quick-fire fun, but also goes great in our Mix-it combo package with bowling. You can even grab two games of Quasar back-to-back if you want to immerse yourself in a full-scale battle with friends or family. The possibilities are endless!

But what about the specifics? Well, Quasar pits two teams against each other in a futuristic battlefield setting – Team Blue versus  Team Red. Each team has 20 minutes to take control of the battlefield, with the aim of the game to finish with the most points.

Points can be earned by taking down players on the opposing team or capturing the enemy HQ – it’s all about risk and reward! Direct hits on an any opponent earns a player a 2 points for their team, but a direct hit on the enemy HQ is worth 10 team points, so a balanced strategy is the secret to success on the Quasar battlefield.

Each player starts the game with 20 lives, with one hit from an enemy player costing them one life. Your gun will also be disengaged for 6 seconds every time you are hit, so taking cover will be vital to getting back in the game quickly!

After your 20 lives are gone, you must return to your team’s Energiser to top up your lives again. The less you’re hit, the more time you spend in the action – so here’s a top tip – don’t get hit! Our UV-lit battle arenas are lined with walls, tunnels and other obstacles for you to take cover behind, so you can wiggle your way across the battlefield as you attempt to capture the enemy HQ.

But taking the HQ ain’t so easy – each enemy HQ has a power bubble, with a small target inside, about the size of a pea. To capture the HQ, a player must shoot this tiny target three times in a 6 second period. When you do this, you will earn plenty of bonus points for your personal scorecard, but beware, the danger has only just begun!

Capturing the enemy HQ will trigger the intruder alarm, at which point the HQ’s auto-defense mechanism will target all players inside the blast radius – you’re going to want to retreat into the battlefield sharpish at this point, as the HQ is incredibly accurate and you will lose a lot of lives by hanging around!

You might have noticed the mention of a personal scorecard as well – each player will earn points for a direct hit on either an enemy player or the enemy HQ, which will be stored in your gun until the end of the game. At the end of the game you will be given your printed scorecard, which details your battle performance, showing you how many times you hit all enemy players, as well as how many times they hit you. Try not to rub it in your friend’s face too much if you dominate them!

And one player will finish the game as Top Gun – declaring them the number one soldier on the battlefield and giving them the bragging rights until the next battle commences!

So there you have it – Quasar in a nutshell! Far more than just a walk in the park, why not see if you have what it takes, and join the fight today!

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