Rain or Shine, It’s Always Fun at the Zoo Playland!

We all know how the Summer is gonna go. We make all these great plans with the kids – go to the park 5 days a week, bring them to Tayto Park, play dates in the garden, picnics and BBQ’s.

It all sounds magic doesn’t it? But let’s be realistic here. This is Ireland! What will inevitably happen is you’ll all wake up looking forward to a great day of family fun, open the curtains and see nothing but dark skies and rainy days.

So what can you do if your family trip to see the animals at Dublin Zoo is suddenly washed out? It’s simple – jump in the car and take a trip to the Zoo Playland instead!

We may not have any live animals for the kids to look at, but what we do have is bundles and bundles of fun. Our fully-padded soft-play areas are a fun, safe environment for the little ones to jump, climb and slide around in. And we’ve loads of room for parents to sit comfortably and watch the kids while enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee. Sorted!


We’re open 7 days a week as well, whatever the weather! So whether you need to escape the rainy days, or the kids are in their “I’m bored of the park” kind of mood, never fear – we’ve got the perfect solution. The Zoo Playland is perfect for every occasion as well – whether it be a play-date with friends, a birthday bash or just wearing the kids out for an hour before bed time. Prices start from just €7.50 per child for 90 mins play (depending on what days you come down) and we also do family rates as well, so if you’ve got 4 or more kids in the group you’ll get a nice little discount.

But what about the littlest cubs in the family, I hear you say? Don’t worry, our Little Cub Toddler Mornings are perfect for kids three years and under. We’ve got special soft-play sections for toddler, as well as cool toys for them to play with if they’re not up to climbing an sliding around yet! It costs just €5 per child, and our toddler mornings range from 2 to 4 hours long (depending on what centre you go to and what day you drop down), so it is an absolute bargain when it comes to keeping the little ones entertained for a full morning!

Check out the Zoo page on our website for more details and prices, and don’t forget to sign up to PlexChat, our monthly exclusive members E-zine – our July edition will be all about the Zoo Playland and will include an exclusive Zoo Playland voucher as well!

It’s Child’s Play this Summer at Leisureplex!

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