Rewarding Fun with Plex Plus!

Now that things are returning closer to normal, you will hopefully be visiting our centres more frequently again over the coming weeks and months. We have always been lucky to have a loyal core customer base in all of our centres, and we want to make sure that as a loyal customer you are getting the most out of your trips to Leisureplex!

So let us tell you about PLEX PLUS! – our awesome rewards system! PLEX PLUS! has been around since before the pandemic, but we thought now was a great time to remind everyone about it and explain how you can earn FREE activities simply by picking up a PLEX PLUS! rewards card in your local Leisureplex centre.

Every time you pay for an activity in Leisureplex, our receptionists will stamp your PLEX PLUS! rewards card, earning you one stamp for the activity that you have paid for. For example, if you pay for bowling, you get a stamp for bowling on your PLEX PLUS! card.

Once you earn 5 stamps for an activity, you will then get that next activity FREE on your next visit to Leisureplex! Once you have used your free activity, our receptionists will simply give you a new PLEX PLUS! card for you to start earning rewards again. And don’t worry if you have some stamps for other activities on your current card, just ask the receptionist to add any unused stamps from your current card to your new card!

Activities which you can earn rewards for include Bowling, the Zoo Playland, Q-Zar & Pool. So next time you’re in your local Leisureplex, make sure to pick up a PLEX PLUS! rewards card and start getting rewarded for your indoor fun. That’s how we roll!

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